Selling Details :


Automotive Concerns:
Parts & Materials of Starter Motors &
Alternators for Automobiles.

Facility Concerns:
Coil Winding Machine.
Motor Balancing Machines.
Powder Coating Equipments.
Dispenser Equipments.
Small CNC Hobbing Machines.
Small CNC Lathe Machines.

Chemical Materials Concerns:
Epoxy Powder Materials.
Seal Peels.
Enamel Removing.

Electric/Electronic Component Parts Concerns:
Consumer Products.
Industrial Audio Equipments.
Electric Powder Tools.
LED Lighting.

Steel Materials Concerns:
Silicon Steel Laminations and its products.
Permalloy and its products.
Others. Seal peel

Medical instruments/implements
Disposable Needles.
Infusion Line Such Catheter.
Medical Connector & Adaptor.